Will Sharon

Helping Clients step into the next larger version of themselves through the messages in their dreams

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Anam Cara, Life Coach, CPC, MSW

Dreamwork for Coaches is a class every coach should consider adding to their toolbox.  Will takes a somewhat esoteric and mysterious topic as dreams, and makes his lectures informative, and practical.  He is a great teacher and the use of dreams with clients is perfect for the coaching relationship.

Dr. Patrick Williams, MCC, CCE, ForbesCoaching Council

My experience of Will Sharon's Dreamwork series was profound and invaluable, both in terms of my personal growth and in deepening the work I undertake with my coaching clients.
It opened up a new doorway of exploration to enable working with aspects of myself and my clients which have been hidden away. 
Will is masterful in the dream world and working with him felt intimate, challenging and rewarding. I highly recommend the experience to any coach at any level. 

Nick Harris, MCC

I was introduced to Will Sharon’s Dream Coaching when I attended his presentation at an ICF-Regional Conference.  After that experience, I enrolled in his Dream Coaching series.  First, most importantly, I was so pleased that this approach is truly about the client and the meaning of ‘Dreams’ to the client.  And it was about using our two of our most important coaching skills, deep listening and powerful questions to assist in creating deeper awareness and for the clients to learn the value of their own dreams.  Will talks about it as ‘Day School and Night School’ because there is always a meaning there (for the client).  

Finally, learning the process of how to use ‘active imagination’ with the client by going back into the dream was so very valuable to me based my own experience in one of the Dream Coaching classes. I now listen differently as a coach and when a client mentions a meaningful dream, and thanks to Will, I have the tools to work with that client to explore THEIR meaning of THEIR Dream(s).    

Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, MCC  

The Dreamwork for Coaches course was a real eye-opener for me.  I’m the kind of person who has never dream journaled and has always tried to interpret the phantasmagoria within my most memorable dreams as task-oriented messaging.  This class not only taught me that all dreams are worth journaling, but that they are so rich with symbolic language of the psyche, and layers and layers of perception.  Rather than leaning on personal dream interpretation, this course taught me to interact with my dreams in a much more dramatically insightful way.  Now, when I share with current clients “I do Dreamwork Coaching,” many are amazed at how much dream material begins to surface in our sessions!  I love adding this tool to my coaching tool belt.  It has not only upgraded my coaching skills, it has changed my life, as I am now a devout dream journaler.  Thank you, Will, for sharing this path on my incredible Dreamer’s Journey.

Carrie Slayton, Cosmic Coach, ICF Associate Certified Coach

I signed up to do the course with Will as I have been passionate about dream work for many years, and being a Coach, I considered that I would be able to provide my clients with some new tools for their growth. I would highly recommend doing Will's class if you have an interest in working with dreams.  Will's approach is informative, insightful and fun. It was great to work with the other participants and get to know them as well. Thankyou Will for the great course!

Christine Warren, CPC

I chose to work with Will because of his expertise using dreams in coaching and his open and kind personality. I am so excited now to have a new understanding of the messages from my soul.  It has helped me embrace and honor a part of me that has been neglected!

My work with Will has given me the confidence to ask my clients about their dreams and add what he calls “night school” to my work with them.

Ursula Potinga, CPCC, PCC, CNTC, BEabove Leadership, CoFounder, COO 

I have spent twenty fruitful years coaching clients toward fulfilling their waking life dreams. Will Sharon’s DreamworkTraining gave me new access to supporting the other half of clients lives, the soul guidance that comes to them in their night dreams. The balance of theory and experiential practice was powerful. I learned so much from Will. He’s an accomplished coach and teacher who brings insight and wisdom gleaned from his own lifelong learning and broad life experience. I highly recommend this course.

Lynn Baskfield, PCC

When I signed up for the DreamworksCourse by Will Sharon I was reticent about what my dreams might say about me and not sure how I would work this into my executive coaching practice. What I discovered was that Will explained not only WHY understanding dreams are impactful to our development but HOW to help clients by showing them the wisdom in dreams. The platform for the course makes it easy to learn, share, understand and grow as an individual as well as a provider. 

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE

Will is “highly skilled” at his work in Dreamworkand coaching. I felt supported through the whole process, and honestly out of my conform zone at times as my dreams would reveal deeply personal insights for me I didn’t see before the course. I also met another amazing coach I worked with through the course as we traded session. She was also looking at deepening her own coaching practice and using his methods we learned a lot from each other.
I highly recommend considering Will if your traditional coaching processes aren’t revealing much or you’re stuck, or maybe you want to do deeper inner work that is about you and your story. I felt I received all three from Will’s course and his insightful feedback. I will be weaving some of what I learned into my own practice to serve my clients at deeper levels. Thank you Will!

Chris Montoya, MA